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Bram Van Moorter


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Bram Van Moorter
E-mail: phone: +47 73 59 62 66
fax: +47 73 59 61 00 33
Centre for Conservation Biology
Department of Biology, NTNU
Høgskoleringen 5
NO-7491 Trondheim (Norway)

General profile

I completed my PhD degree in Septembre 2008 at the University of Lyon (Lab "Biometry and Evolutionary Biology", France), under the direction of Dr. Jean-Michel Gaillard and Dr. Mark S. Boyce from the University of Alberta in Edmonton (Canada).

My thesis is entitled "Habitat selection at different spatial scales: Application to roe deer (Capreolus capreolus)" and was defended fall 2008.

I am currently employed at the NTNU in Trondheim (Norway), where I investigate spatial behavior of moose in Bernt-Erik Saether's lab. The data we are working with are geographical positions from moose equiped with GPS-collars (project leader: Christer Rolandsen at NINA). This project is a collaboration between researchers from NTNU (Ivar Herfindal, Kari Bjorneraas, and me) and from NINA (Christer Rolandsen, and Erling Solberg), but also with Swedish researchers (Nils Bunnefeld, and Goran Ericsson). This website allows you to have a look at some GPS locations from the moose we are working with.

Areas of focus

Research interests

In my research I try to approach the question of wildlife space use patterns with three different approaches:

  1. Theory: it is important to keep the study of a specific topic embedded within the larger research field. By building theory using general concepts I try to contribute to the integration of animal space use behavior within the larger context of population ecology and evolutionary biology.
  2. Simulations: with the use of individual mechanistic models I investigate the space use principles under the perfectly mastered conditions of simulated landscapes. Such studies benefit our understanding of the principles that potentially govern spatial behavior of individual animals.
  3. Data analysis: all the previous theory building would be useless if it were not connected to and tested against field data. My research focuses on spatial behavior from ungulates, like roe deer, elk and moose.

Publication list

Peer-reviewed articles

In case you would like to read one of these papers, but can not access it, please contact me.

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